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StormGain is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform. Many have learned about the brand through the football sponsorships of Lazio & Newcastle United. This article is a StormGain review and a beginner’s guide. We’ll go through the key features of this platform and share our StormGain experiences.

Overview of the company

StormGain is a relatively new operator in the crypto market. The site opened its doors in the summer of 2019. StormGain is founded by a group of finance and technology professionals. The CEO is Alex Althausen.

Many football fans have seen this brand on TV. StormGain is an official sponsor of the Premier League club Newcastle and the Serie A club Lazio.

StormGain is best known for its derivatives markets. Daily volumes are in hundreds of millions of dollars. StormGain is the 21st largest derivatives exchange by volume (July 2021). It’s a good achievement in a short time.

New features have also been added. Besides trading crypto, you can earn interest, invest in stocks, and mine Bitcoin at StormGain. The site has also more than 10,000 reviews in TrustPilot with an excellent average.

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StormGain registration

Let’s go through the registration process at StormGain. Opening a new account is a fast, easy, and painless operation. Click the button below.

StormGain registration

You should land directly on the registration form.

stormgain registration

Just input your e-mail address, password, and mobile number. Click the green button to register your account. That’s it!

The registration process at StormGain is probably the fastest in the business. You are forwarded into the platform right away. There is no compulsory KYC, which is a plus for those who value privacy.

Note. This is a review of StormGain’s desktop browser version. If you are using a mobile device, some of the features and menu items might look different.

How to make a deposit

Now we can deposit some funds. Click Deposit from the main menu to begin.

Before going any further, StormGain asks you to confirm your e-mail and mobile number. Click the Start button to initiate this process.

stormgain phone email

You’ll receive a confirmation code as an SMS. An e-mail is also sent to your inbox with an additional code. Once both have been confirmed, your account is ready!

Since there is no KYC process, StormGain doesn’t support direct bank wire transfers and fiat currencies (EUR, USD, etc.). You can buy crypto with a credit card or make a deposit using one of the supported cryptocurrencies.

stormgain deposit

For example, if you want to deposit $100 with your credit card, you must buy one of the cryptocurrencies with that money. There are no deposit fees charged but double-check the exchange rates before purchasing.

The trading in StormGain is mostly done by using USDT (Tether) stablecoin. Hence, it’s a good idea to deposit USDT into your account.

Select USDT from the StormGain Wallet option and Tether USDT ERC-20 from the Payment method dropdown.

USDT deposit

Make a deposit to the given address and your funds will arrive shortly. Make sure you use the ERC-20 version of USDT, which runs on the Ethereum network. USDT runs nowadays also on Tron and Omni.

You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation once the deposit is credited to your StormGain account.

2-factor authentication (2FA)

StormGain is using similar security measures as other exchanges. One of them is that you can’t withdraw any funds until the two-factor authentication (2FA) is enabled.

This is a good security policy. You should enable 2FA on every website where it’s available: crypto exchanges, other trading platforms, e-mails, social media, etc. You’ll need the Google Authenticator app for this task. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Open the account settings menu by clicking your account balance.

stormgain 2fa

Next, choose Profile & Settings. There are SMS and Google Authenticator options available under Security. We recommend using the Authenticator app and not SMS.

Click the Google Authenticator button and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember to save the backup code. Next, you’ll scan the QR code with your Authenticator app. Confirmation is given once the process is completed.

How to Withdraw from StormGain

Once the 2FA is enabled, it’s possible to withdraw funds from your StormGain account. Click Wallet from the main menu to proceed.

You can see the balance of each wallet including trading activity, bonuses, and transaction history. In this example, we have a balance of 30 USDT.

stormgain withdrawal

There are three green buttons in the top right corner: Deposit for deposits, an arrow button for trading, and a minus button for withdrawals. Click the ( – ) button to open the withdrawal form.

stormgain withdrawal form

Withdrawing funds is easy. Input the amount you wish to withdraw and paste your wallet address. Click the WITHDRAW button to initiate the transaction. You’ll also need to input a 2FA code from the Authenticator app.

Since there are no fiat currencies (EUR, USD, etc.) used at StormGain, you can’t make a bank wire withdrawal. Fiat currencies are replaced with stablecoins (USDT, USDC, and DAI).

StormGain Exchange

Before we’ll show you the trading features, there is one important thing. StormGain has a demo account feature. You can practice trading & strategies safely with play money.

You can activate the demo account from the account settings menu. See the grey button in the image below.

stormgain 2fa

There are two ways to invest in crypto at StormGain: derivatives and spot trading. You can find derivatives (futures) by clicking the Trading link in the main menu. For spot trading, click Exchange.

Let’s look at the spot trading first. There is Fast Exchange and the Advanced option. Fast Exchange gives you a simple form for swapping cryptocurrencies.

stormgain exchange

Click Advanced for more features, such as price graphs and indicators. It also allows you to make a Limit purchase. Fast Exchange makes a market purchase. It’s a simpler and faster option for newcomers.

The weakness of the Exchange is the limited amount of trading pairs. Though, there are about a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrencies, which is enough for many. Trades are mostly done by using USDT pairs.

StormGain Trading

Most of StormGain’s volume is coming from the derivatives market. Buying Bitcoin futures with leverage has become extremely popular in the past few years. Trading volumes have exploded in many exchanges.

Click Trading from the main menu to access the derivatives market. Click the [ + ] icon first to open the trading menu.

stormgain futures

There are more than 50 different futures instruments available. The BTC/USDT pair is by far the most popular one. It’s possible to use up to 300x leverage on that! Other trading pairs have leverage from 15x to 100x available.

You can also trade crypto indices, stocks, and commodities. Choose a trading pair of your liking and open the trading form.

stormgain trading

Some of the features are not visible in the picture, such as Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Auto Increase. You can also use the Limit/Stop option for the purchase.

We recommend leveraged trading for experienced users only. It’s possible to make massive profits using leverage, but there is also a high risk of losing your funds. One should also consider using a tight Stop Loss.

StormGain fees

StormGain has competitive fees. There is also a unique feature in the fees of the derivates trading.

Click Fees & Limits from the footer menu to view up-to-date rates. The fees mentioned here are effective at the time of writing this article (July 2021). Let’s look at the spot exchange first.

stormgain fees

Fees are 0.25% for most of the spot pairs and 0.095% for selected pairs. If you are using the Advanced option, fees are also between 0.095% and 0.25% (Market and Stop Limit purchases).

These are the standard fee levels. They will be lower after reaching higher VIP levels.

When you are trading the futures market, StormGain doesn’t charge any fees from unprofitable trades. However, they charge a 10% commission from the profitable trades. This is quite unorthodox, but traders seem to like it!

StormGain Miner and VIP levels

Miner is a nice bonus feature at StormGain. As the name suggests, it’s all about cryptocurrency mining. You’ll find the link from the main menu.

You can activate the miner for 4 hrs at a time. Once activated, you are getting bitcoins for free! No extra software is needed.

stormgain miner

This is a nice bonus for active users. You can make a couple of dollars per week at the base level. Once your trading volume grows, you’ll get more mining rewards accordingly. It’s like a cash-back bonus.

Click More -> Loyalty Programme from the main menu to view all VIP levels. These are Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP 1, VIP 2, and VIP 3. You’ll earn mining rewards with a 530x multiplier at the highest VIP level. The standard multiplier is 0.5x.

Trading fees go down on each VIP level too. There are also additional perks, such as higher yield being paid to your deposits.

StormGain experiences and overview

StormGain is a relatively new operator in the market. Yet, they have over 120.000 customers from more than 100 countries. StormGain has quickly established a good reputation in the crypto industry.

We have nothing but positive StormGain experiences. Everything works as promised. Our favorite features are the demo account and tokenized stocks. We also like the fact there is no KYC needed.

Anything negative? The only thing we can think of is the spot market. It’s fine for a standard user, but altcoin enthusiasts won’t find enough trading pairs from StormGain.

StormGain is best known for its futures market. The 300x leverage on Bitcoin trading is one of the highest numbers in the business. StormGain has everything a derivatives trader needs.

If you are an active trader with high volumes, StormGain will reward you handsomely. There are fantastic bonuses and competitive fees for active users. On top of that, the Miner will crunch you free bitcoins every day.

Are you interested in StormGain? Try the platform today! Click the button below and you’ll have a StormGain account activated in less than five minutes.

Try StormGain now!

Follow StormGain on social media to keep up with the latest news and bonuses. Maybe you’ll win a VIP trip to a Newcastle United Premier League match! The official Twitter handle is @StormGain_com.

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