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Are you looking for information on what the Ripple XRP price is at the moment? You have come to the right place, as on this page, you will find the Ripple XRP real-time price and other useful information about this popular cryptocurrency. In Europe, the euro is used as the currency, but the price for cryptocurrencies is mainly discussed in dollars. Because of this, you’ll see both rates below – whether you’re a friend of the dollar or krone price yourself.

Ripple XRP real-time price in USD and EUR



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How has XRP evolved in recent years? Here is a brief information package on the price development for Ripple.

Ripple XRP price in 2017-2020

The Ripple XRP token has been an excellent investment for those who joined in early 2017 or before that. Even if the holdings would now sell for a $0.20 unit price, it would generate a profit of hundreds of percent. Namely, the XRP token rate at the beginning of 2017 was only $0.006! It was a genuine “penny share” that was hardly talked about on social media.

However, in the spring of 2017, things started to happen, as the XRP rate increased 10-fold during March-April to the $0.06 level. The wild rise only continued, as May 2017 witnessed a unit price of some $0.40. This means almost a 70-fold increase in the price in only six months! XRP began to gain more and more column space, and its banking connections were the topic of the month on social media.

The actual explosion took place from early December 2017 to early January 2018. At that time, the largest altcoin boom was going on in the history of cryptocurrencies. The XRP was undeniably one of the drivers of the rally, and in the early days of 2018, it was a constant topic on the popular CNBC channel as well.

Like all other major cryptocurrencies, XRP also fared excellently in the 2020 and 2021 cryptocurrency boom. The value of the currency rose rapidly under Bitcoin’s leadership in the first months of 2021, eventually gaining more than $1.50.

However, like other cryptocurrencies, XRP came down quickly from the top, and the 2021 summer XRP has remained fairly accurately in place at around $0.60. XRP continues to hold its place among the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

XRP price history

On January 4, 2018, the ATH reading for Ripple’s XRP token was an incomprehensible $3.84. If you had acquired XRP precisely a year earlier, your ranking would have increased more than 600 times!

Eventually, the rapidly inflated bubble burst, and the entire crypto market collapsed sharply during the spring of 2018. The Ripple XRP token crashed with the others. During 2018, Bitcoin’s value decreased from its peak by more than 80%, and many altcoins collapsed by 95-99%. The unit price of XRP has remained somewhere between $0.20 and $0.50 since summer 2018.

The lowest rate was in March 2020, when the coronavirus crisis crashed the cryptocurrency market. At the time, the XRP token only cost $0.14 but doubled its rate in just a few weeks.

Basic information about Ripple XRP token

For some reason, Ripple XRP has grown in popularity in recent years, especially among novice investors. This was especially seen in the December 2017-January 2018 altcoin rally. Probably one reason for this is the low unit price of the token, which results from the massive number of tokens on the market. Bitcoin has a ceiling of 21 million units, while nearly 5,000 times more XRP tokens have been created, amounting to 100 billion units.

Due to this, of course, the price of Bitcoin is in thousands of dollars while the Ripple XRP rate is hovering below one euro. Remember that the unit price never tells you whether a certain currency is cheap or expensive. A coin worth $0.01 can also be a costly purchase at the moment if, for example, its price has risen from $0.0001 at a rapid pace.

Many novice investors are easily confused with Ripple and XRP. Let’s clarify briefly what this is all about. Firstly, Ripple is an American technology company. It develops solutions for the banking world. Ripple has created a particular RippleNet network for this purpose, and it aims to speed up the data transfer between banks and reduce costs. Ripple’s CEO is Brad Garlinghouse, who is a familiar person from TV interviews, for example.

Ripple has also developed a blockchain technology called XRP Ledger, the native currency of which is the XRP token. XRP Ledger, similar to other cryptocurrencies, is open-source software, and anyone can join its network. If you purchase an XRP token, you will transfer it to the XRP Ledger network.

RippleNet is a network of its own that does not necessarily use XRP at all. Ripple offers various services to banks, only one of which is related to the XRP token. This is called ODL, i.e., On-Demand Liquidity.

This is a liquidity pool in which the XRP token can be utilized. The generalization of these could lead to large amounts of XRP tokens being held by certain institutions. So far, this has not been the case. The Ripple XRP price would benefit from such a development, that is clear. However, it is impossible to say what kind of agreements Ripple as a company will make in the future.

It’s also good to understand that Ripple still holds about half of all the XRP tokens. In recent years, it has sold to the market worth hundreds of millions of dollars of tokens to make money. Ripple can’t dump all XRP tokens into the market just like that as a separate escrow agreement prevents it. However, this selling pressure has on its part kept the token price low.

Learn more about Ripple and the XRP token by reading our Ripple XRP guide.

How is the official Ripple XRP price formed?

XRP is traded at a certain rate on each cryptocurrency exchange. The official price is formed as a weighted average of the prices of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges. The bigger the stock market, the greater the weight of its price. You can find the official XRP price on this page.

Why is the price of XRP so low compared to Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a maximum of 21 million copies, and the XRP token has a maximum of 100 billion copies which is nearly 5,000 times more. This has a significant impact on the unit price.

Why has the XRP price soared and collapsed so drastically?

The rates of all cryptocurrencies move up and down much faster than traditional investment instruments. This is because cryptocurrencies are still a small market where a single player can collapse rates very quickly.

What is the ATH of Ripple XRP?

ATH comes from the English words All-Time High. It thus means the highest course in history. The highest rate for XRP was $3.84 on January 4, 2018.

Which is correct: Ripple price or XRP price

Ripple is an American technology company that has created the XRP Ledger blockchain and the XRP cryptocurrency that operates within it. Strictly speaking, there is no Ripple price, just the XRP price. However, the XRP token was still called Ripple in 2018. Because of this, many still use the name Ripple for the token. Today, almost every cryptocurrency exchange uses only the name XRP.

How can I buy a Ripple XRP token?

You can quickly and reliably purchase XRP from exchanges such as eToro and Bitpanda.