Ledger Nano X – To The Moon special edition

French manufacturer Ledger is celebrating its 5-year anniversary. The company has launched a special edition of the popular Nano X hardware wallet called To The Moon. In this article, we’ll tell you information about the company, why you need a hardware wallet and what is this special edition all about!

Ledger is a market leader

As mentioned above, Ledger is a French manufacturer. The company has built cryptocurrency hardware wallets since 2014. The first product was Nano S, which started to get popular in 2015.

Ledger has built other models as well, but Nano S is by far the most popular one. It has really put Ledger on the map worldwide. Their best-known competitor is Czech manufacturer SatoshiLabs, which is known for its Trezor brand.

The most recent product launch was Ledger Nano X, which started shipping in the spring of 2019. Nano X is currently the flagship product. To The Moon is a special edition of this wallet.

ledger nano x to the moon

The French manufacturer has grown fast in its five-year existence. The company has currently 175 employees and offices in Paris, Vierzon, New York and Hong Kong. Ledger have sold over 1.5 million products to 165 different countries.

Ledger products have an excellent reputation. They are easy-to-use, safe and reliable. Each wallet is also delivered fast from the Ledger web store and they are certainly worth every penny.

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But why should you buy such a device? What is a hardware wallet all about? We’ll tell you.

Ledge Nano keeps your coins safe

All Ledger products, such as Nano X, are cryptocurrency hardware wallets. They are also known as cold wallets. What does this mean?

There are many ways to store cryptocurrencies. Day traders must store them in exchanges, but there are also hundreds of other online options. You can also use a desktop or mobile wallet.

The most secure option is a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano. In practice, it’s a device like a USB memory stick. You can manage the contents by connecting it to your laptop with a USB cable. Though, the latest model Nano X can be also connected to a mobile device with Bluetooth.

The most common misconception is that your digital coins are stored inside such a device. This is not the case. Instead, your private keys are stored inside your Ledger Nano. They are the most valuable information on your wallets, like super secret passwords.

The status and contents of cryptocurrency wallets are always stored on the global ledger, meaning blockchain.

A hardware wallet is so secure because it’s stored offline. This is where the name cold wallet also comes from. Its opposite is a hot wallet, which means any wallet with an online connection.

If a device is not connected to the internet, it cannot be hacked. Your Ledger Nano is also protected by a PIN code, which prevents unauthorized use. If your Ledger Nano gets lost or stolen, you can always restore its contents with backup keys.

All major hacks are done against cryptocurrency exchanges because that’s where the money is. This is one major reason why you should transfer your coins to a safe location once you have purchased them.

A cold/hardware wallet is the ultimate storage. It will guarantee good night sleep for any investor. Such wallets cost 50 to 150 euros depending on the manufacturer and model. In practice, it’s wise to buy one when your portfolio value is over 1000 euros.

Ledger Nano X – To The Moon special edition

Ledger has launched To The Moon special edition of Nano X in October 2019. The purpose is to celebrate the five-year history of the company.

Technically we are talking about a standard Nano X. Differences between a standard model and the special edition are only external. You’ll get a wallet with special engraving and To The Moon 3D card plus the standard contents. See the image below:

ledger nano x to the moon box contents

To The Moon is a special edition, which is on sale only for a limited period. The best feature is the price: To The Moon costs no more than the standard Nano X!

But what is this “To The Moon”, then? For those who don’t know, this is a very popular phrase used in social media. It simply refers to the price of Bitcoin, which is going to the moon like a rocket. Hopefully, we’ll see this happening soon as well!

To The Moon is a cool device, which would be certainly enjoyed by any crypto investor. Christmas is not far away, so you have a chance to buy a great present for a friend or family member!

Since this special edition is technically identical to standard Nano X, the setup and installation process is also similar. Hence, you can use check our Ledger Nano X installation guide, if you are a beginner with Nano products.

You can also manage Nano X with your laptop and USB cable if you prefer that option.

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P.S. We recommend buying cryptocurrency hardware wallets always from the official manufacturer and not third-party resellers. Especially, never ever buy a used hardware wallet!

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