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Hamster Kombat is the hottest crypto app in the world

Hamster Kombat has attracted over 240 million players. It is the hottest crypto app in the world and will soon launch a token. The year 2024 has been very successful for the TON platform.

Hamster Kombat has become incredibly popular during the summer. According to the latest data, this game has over 240 million users. This is an unbelievable achievement in just over three months, considering that 500-600 million people have invested in crypto globally.

Hamster Kombat is a mini-app that runs on Telegram. In the game, you collect virtual coins for your hamster character. The easiest way to collect coins is to tap your phone, making Hamster Kombat a Tap-to-Earn game.

Your hamster is the CEO of a virtual cryptocurrency exchange earning coins. You can increase your earnings by purchasing various upgrade packages.

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In addition, the game has various tasks you can complete to get more coins. Hamster Kombat has also recently launched a YouTube channel. By watching YouTube videos, you can earn more coins. The content of the YouTube videos is news about crypto reported by a hamster character.

It tells something about the game’s popularity that Hamster Kombat’s YouTube channel gained 10 million followers in less than seven days. This is likely to be a new world record.

What is the purpose of collecting coins? The upcoming airdrop provides an incentive for players, allowing the seemingly worthless coins to be converted into Hamster tokens. Time will tell what kind of hourly wages the screen tappers get. It’s unlikely we’ll see many hamster millionaires.

This is how Pavel Durov, the founder of the TON platform, commented on the matter.

Soon, Hamster’s team will mint its token on TON, introducing the benefits of blockchain to hundreds of millions of people. A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real-time.

The roadmap on the game’s official website states that the token will be launched in July.

The TON platform is growing rapidly

Hamster Kombat reached 100 million users in just 73 days, making it the fastest-growing app in the world. It is the second very popular Tap-to-Earn game on the TON platform this year.

The Notcoin game also attracted tens of millions of users in the spring. In May, the game launched the NOT token on the TON platform. The NOT token has a market capitalization of $1.5 billion, making it the 48th largest cryptocurrency.

Toncoin, the native token of the TON platform, is one of the few “blue chip” cryptos that have reached the new ATH price this year. Its price has increased by about one percent in 30 days, which is a great achievement considering that Bitcoin is down almost 20 % and most major altcoins are in the red by over 20 %.

At the time of publishing this article, Toncoin was the eighth-largest coin in the crypto market in terms of market capitalization.

TON is a highly scalable smart contract platform that competes with Ethereum and Solana. Popular games have brought many new users to the TON platform lately. Its advantage is the integration with Telegram, which lowers the threshold for, e.g., creating a crypto wallet.

You can read more about the project in this article: What is Toncoin?

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