Cryptocurrency ratings

Our unique cryptocurrency ratings will tell you, which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in right now. This cryptocurrency rating is a useful tool for inexperienced investors, who don’t have a deep knowledge of each coin. Values are updated daily. You’ll find detailed descriptions of each parameter below the matrix.


In general: this rating doesn’t include anything subjective, such as consensus algorithm (should PoW get a higher value than PoS?). The rating is based only on parameters with numeric values. Price, volatility and daily volume are studied over a period of several months. Hence, the rating is not supposed to change daily. Changes take usually several days or a week to happen.

When given a rating, what matters is the value relative to other cryptocurrencies in the list. For example: even if Bitcoin would be cheap at the moment, it might still get a bad rating if every other cryptocurrency is even cheaper. The cheapest cryptocurrency gets the best (=A) rating and the most expensive one gets an E.

Cryptocurrency ratings are based on the following facts:

  • Price: Cryptocurrency gets a good rating (A), if its current price is cheap compared to the average price of the previous months. The price of the cryptocurrency is a significant element in investing. However, with cryptos it’s difficult to say if a certain prices like 100$, 1000$, 10000$ are cheap or expensive. Therefore we compare the current price to the average price of the previous months.
  • Popularity: This rating comes from the social media followers. It’s very important that the cryptocurrency is followed by investors, because it also means there are lots of potential buyers for it. You don’t want to invest to a cryptocurrency that nobody follows.
  • Age: The older the cryptocurrency is, the better. This means Bitcoin and Litcoin will always be getting an A-rating here. Old cryptos have proven them selves over the years, but there’re many uncertainties over the new projects.
  • Volatility: Higher volatility means faster bull runs but it also means faster crashes. In general, you want to invest in to a cryptocurrency, which has less volatility than average. If you want to gamble (and not invest), you can also use this rating for such as well.
  • Turnover (volume): The higher the daily volume is, the better. High volume means there’s a liquid market, and that’s always good for an investor. It means you can make larger trades without losing the price. This rating isn’t that important for small investors.

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