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Welcome to to check the current Bitcoin price! You’ll also find cryptocurrency guides, interesting insights, and exchange reviews from this website. is a brand new site in the market and this Bitcoin’s real-time price page is one of our most popular ones. Bitcoin price is usually viewed in dollars, but below you’ll see the price also in euros.

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What is the official Bitcoin price?

Every Bitcoin investor is interested in the Bitcoin price. Some have the discipline to not follow the daily movements, while others can’t even go for half an hour without checking their portfolio trackers. But, what is the official Bitcoin price and how is it calculated?

The thing is that there is no official Bitcoin price. This is because the market is so young, and Bitcoin isn’t fully adopted by institutional investors. There is no official marketplace for Bitcoin as there is NASDAQ or NYSE or Oslo Børs for stocks. Hence, there can’t be an official price either.

When TV channels like CNBC have price quotes, they typically use Coinbase. This is one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Coinbase was also recently listed on NASDAQ, so it’s a very good price reference for Bitcoin. Binance and Kraken are also used as price references.

But isn’t the Bitcoin price different between exchanges? Since this is a freely traded market, the Bitcoin dollar price can’t be exactly the same in Binance and Coinbase. How do you know what exchange to use as a reference?

Bitcoin price is never the same between exchanges. However, the differences are quite marginal between the biggest operators. This is because the market is so developed that there are thousands of bots tracking the price movement every second. If there is an arbitrage situation on the market, it’s removed quickly.

An arbitrage means an opportunity to sell Bitcoin on one exchange and buy it on another. For example, if the Bitcoin price is $10000 at Kraken and $9500 at Binance there is profit to be made.

Should there be a price arbitrage like this, it would go away quickly due to so many sales at Kraken and buy orders at Binance. Arbitrage bots would force the prices at both exchanges to about $9750 in a matter of seconds.

There are also price aggregator services on the market. The most popular ones are Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. If you check the Bitcoin price from this page, you’ll see the aggregated price from both services.

Coingecko and Coinmarketcap get the price from dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges. They use these reference points to create an “official price”. The bigger the exchange is by volume, the bigger weight its price gets.

Binance has by far the biggest volumes on Bitcoin trading. About 1/6 of the global volume is on Binance. BTC/USDT is by far the most used trading pair.

Why does the Bitcoin price move so much?

Now you know how the official Bitcoin price is determined. Well, there isn’t, as you have learned from the previous chapter. The second question is: why does the Bitcoin price move so much?

Bitcoin is famous for its volatility. Even when there is a Bitcoin bull run, the price makes constantly 20%, 30%, or even 40% drops. Many will remember the March 2020 and May 2021 crashes, where huge amounts of value were lost in a matter of hours.

And Bitcoin is the least volatile asset in the cryptocurrency market. It’s the biggest currency with the best liquidity. All other cryptocurrencies (“altcoins”) have even more violent booms and busts. The smaller the coin is by volume and market cap, the easier it is to manipulate.

The reason for rapid price movements is the fact the market is so young, small, and unregulated. Even if the cryptocurrency market peaked over 2 trillion dollars recently, it’s still about one-sixth of gold’s market cap. And gold is considered a small market.

Bitcoin is also a high-risk and speculative asset by nature. Because the market is so undeveloped, there are no good tools to price up the asset. What is the fair price of Bitcoin? Nobody can give you a good answer. Just educated guesses.

There are many ways to price up a traditional stock. It’s easier because the underlying asset is a company with sales, costs, quarterly reports, and such. But Bitcoin is a protocol. It’s a technology, not a company. How do you price up to its network effect or adoption?

Cryptocurrencies also attract many speculators. The market is made for gamblers, who try to 10x or 100x their wealth quickly. If you want to make quick profits, either by longing or shorting, volatility is your friend. And that’s certainly available in excess in the cryptocurrency market.

There are also large whales in the market, whose moves are not regulated in any way. Thousands of whales hold massive cryptocurrency bags, which they can dump on the market at any time. It’s much harder to do on the stock market and investors learn very quickly who was behind the sale.

This is not the case with Bitcoin. Exchanges have no obligation to tell which one of their customers dumped coins on the market since these are private individuals or private companies. There are also OTC desks all over the world that operate under the radar.

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