Cryptocurrency prices

Cryptocurrency prices can be found on this page! We list the prices of the best-known cryptocurrencies on the market. You will also find useful information about crypto prices; how the prices are formed and what drives the prices of different cryptos up or down.

Cryptocurrency prices

You can see cryptocurrency prices in the table below in dollars.  A tip for phone users: turn the screen horizontally, and you can see the prices directly on your screen!

#CoinPriceChangeMarketcapVolume (24h)Last 24h

Cryptocurrency prices are globally followed in dollars because other fiat currencies have very little liquidity in the market. Hence, we recommend Norwegian investors follow dollar prices as well. Especially if you are doing technical analysis. Bookmark this page and come back whenever you need up-to-date price information!

The crypto prices on this page are always updated the moment you open the page. The table shows 50 cryptocurrencies at a time. Click the Next button below the table, and you will see the next 50 cryptos.

How are crypto prices calculated?

Crypto prices are calculated from the weighted average of hundreds of different cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency prices are therefore calculated differently from other investment instruments. For example, stocks are usually traded on one or two exchanges.

Most of the companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange are listed only in Oslo. Some of the biggest companies are also traded in the United States. In practice, market participants make sure that no arbitrages between different exchanges.

This is also true in the world of cryptocurrencies. If a price of a cryptocurrency would rise significantly on one exchange, professional investors would start selling cryptos on that exchange with the help of bots. After that, they would buy the same coin at a cheaper rate elsewhere.

These guaranteed-profit situations are called arbitrages. They disappear quickly from efficient markets. Because of this, crypto prices are within a fairly small distribution from each other in different exchanges.

The image below shows the dollar price of the cryptocurrency Monero on the ten largest exchange pairs. As you can see, the exchange rate differences are quite small.

monero cryptocurreny prices

Who decides the crypto prices? How, for example, are the Monero prices determined?

There is no absolutely correct price for a particular cryptocurrency. There are only prices on different exchanges. Crypto price aggregators fetch the prices of the exchanges in order to calculate the global price. The crypto price list you see on this page is also created this way.

The weighted average means that the exchanges with the largest trading volume receive the highest weight. Crypto prices can momentarily differ significantly between the marketplaces. However, these price differences are quickly erased by bots Normally, crypto rates are less than one percent apart in different trading pairs and trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency prices are driven by Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency prices don’t move independently. The prices of all cryptocurrencies move often hand in hand. In addition to this, the entire market is moved by the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. What is causing this?

The first reason is historical. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency. As late as 2017, major crypto exchanges like Coinbase only listed a couple of other cryptocurrencies. Smaller exchanges listed only Bitcoin. The situation started to change in 2018.

Altcoins have been invested more seriously for less than five years. “Big money” doesn’t flow to Ethereum and other altcoins.

Another important factor is liquidity. Big money players can’t invest in small cryptocurrencies, so they have to start with the biggest one. This moves the Bitcoin price higher. Cryptocurrency prices will then start to move throughout the market. Smaller players start to bid on smaller cryptocurrencies, which are rising in Bitcoin’s wake.

The reverse phenomenon occurs when prices fall. When investor sentiment starts to change, the riskiest investments are put up for sale first. The prices of small cryptocurrencies start to collapse first, and liquidity moves toward the top of the market, which is Bitcoin.

However, recent years have taught crypto investors something new. If anyone still imagined that cryptocurrencies were an asset class detached from the rest of the world, imagine no more. If Bitcoin drives the crypto market, then Bitcoin is driven by the stock market.

And who controls the stock market? US Federal Reserve. When the central bank starts to tighten monetary policy and raise interest rates, the so-called cheap money disappears. After this, risk-taking decreases, and money flows toward safer investments. This is the reason why the crypto market crashed in 2022.

Technical analysis and cryptocurrencies

Technical analysis (TA) is a decades-old method for predicting market movements. At first glance, you might think that cryptocurrency rates are too irrational for TA to work. Even large-scale cryptos can rise or fall by tens of percent per day. Even a 10-20 percent increase in one hour is not an impossible idea.

Can technical analysis be used to predict the direction of cryptocurrency prices? Or is the application of this tool completely hopeless in the world of cryptos? The technical analysis actually works really well in the crypto world. As long as you remember to follow certain rules of the game.

Technical analysis is never 100% correct. It provides probabilities for certain scenarios. Many support and resistance levels and classical trend lines work fine for cryptos.

The graphic below shows a good example from spring 2022. Bitcoin had formed a rising channel, from which the price breaks down very often. The price turned lower just at the top of the channel after also meeting the 200-day moving average (purple line). The price also broke the bottom of the channel and fell to more than 60 percent below the April highs. Just as the technical analysis predicted.

ta cryptocurrency prices

Sometimes the so-called black swan events move prices drastically and “break” technical analysis. Good examples are the Celsius and FTX crashes in 2022. Such events are also seen in the stock market, but less often. These market moves cannot be predicted by any type of analysis.

The crypto market is much easier to move due to its small size. Because of this, cryptocurrency prices react to certain news more violently than stocks, which can make many doubt the functionality of technical analysis.

This does not mean that TA does not work well most of the time. It offers good hints about where the up or down trend could be expected to turn. The basics of technical analysis are certainly useful for everyone, even if you are not an active day trader.

Why did cryptocurrency prices fall in 2022?

Cryptocurrency prices fell dramatically in 2022. The best-performing cryptocurrencies have dropped a good 70 percent from their 2021 peaks, but the majority of coins are down 90-95 percent.

Why did the crypto market crash so hard? We have gone through the topic almost every week in our news and market reviews. If you are not following these articles yet, please correct this error.

Cryptos have fallen because the stock market has plunged. This is a short explanation. The stock market fell because the US central bank, the Fed, started to tighten the monetary policy in 2022. The party of loose money and zero interest rates had continued almost non-stop since the end of the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

The reason for the tightening of monetary policy is high inflation. We haven’t witnessed so elevated inflation since the 1980s. Inflation destroys the purchasing power of citizens and drives the economy into recession, so the central bank has to do something. The only way is to raise interest rates, which means a weakening economic activity.

Many imagined that cryptocurrency prices would be immune to a downturn in the stock market. This is not the case at all. Cryptos have actually followed the direction of the stock market for years. The correlation has been very strong in 2022.

Cryptocurrencies are still seen as high-risk investments. For die-hard fans, cryptos are the surest and safest investment, but this is only a small group of people. Large masses and big money investors control the markets and prices.

When the market eventually starts to rise again, cryptos and equities will move hand in hand.

How high can crypto prices rise?

Cryptocurrency prices can increase 10-fold or even a hundredfold! Bitcoin goes up to a million dollars! Each of us has certainly seen different predictions about how cryptocurrency rates will rise. What is the situation realistically? And how could this upside potential be assessed? Let’s think about it next.

The most common mistake is to stare at the price of a cryptocurrency. This sounds a bit illogical, so let’s open up the idea more. It is smarter to evaluate the price potential through market capitalization.

Consider an example where a cryptocurrency is worth $1 and the market cap is $1 million. This means there are one million coins in circulation. If the price increased 10-fold, its market value would be 10 million dollars.

If the price of this same coin moved from $10 to $20, its market cap would also increase by $10 million. This is a similar market cap increase that took place when the price moved from $1 to $10. The lesson is: the bigger the market cap, the more money is needed for the price to move.

In addition, the market cap will reach a limit that it can’t really break. If the price of Dogecoin were to rise from the current $0.1 -> $5, its market cap would be twice the market cap of Bitcoin. That is never going to happen.

You can also put all cryptos together and look at cryptos as an asset class. For example, the market cap of gold is around 12,000 billion dollars and cryptos are currently under a billion.

It is quite realistic that cryptocurrencies would be the size of gold as an asset class. That would mean a 15-fold increase in the market cap. Cryptocurrency prices would therefore rise 15x from the current level. Sure, some more, some less, but as an average. This doesn’t sound too wild a prediction for the next 5-6 years.

To put it all together: don’t focus so much on the coin price today, but think about the market cap in comparison to its rivaling cryptocurrencies. That way you get a much better overview of the realistic upside potential.