The best cryptocurrency exchanges

The best cryptocurrency exchange in 2023 is Binance. The best cryptocurrency exchange has low fees, fast customer service, great security options, and a wide crypto selection. For a beginner, the best option is your local crypto exchange.

This article presents the best cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers on the market in 2023. Our ranking list consists of reliable and popular services tested by our team.

The best cryptocurrency exchange in 2023 is Binance

The best cryptocurrency exchange in 2023 is Binance. Binance is an exchange founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, the current CEO. Changpeng Zhao is one of the best-known people in the crypto industry. Binance already serves over 120 million customers globally. The company employs over 7000 people, and it has acquired CASP (Crypto Asset Service Provider) licenses in 14 different countries.

Binance is an exchange that combines a wide selection of cryptocurrencies with low trading fees. It is also popular with Scandinavian users. Binance’s trading volumes are many times higher compared to its strongest competitors. Binance has the best liquidity for most cryptocurrencies, which means that large trades go through without problems.


It is easy to make a deposit to Binance with a debit card or SEPA transfer. Binance’s mobile app is also straightforward to use. The best cryptocurrency exchange in 2023 is not a difficult choice. Binance has the best features with low trading fees. What else can you

You’ll find more information about Binance from our comprehensive beginner’s guide. You can also read the guides for the other services mentioned in this article by clicking the Reviews link in the main menu.

The table below is a ranking list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. We have included reliable and popular services that have been tested by our team. Click the Open account button and you will be taken directly to the registration form for the exchange in question.

Ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges:

ExchangeFeaturesRatingOpen account
Awesome selection
Futures with leverage
Flexible staking
SEPA bank transfers
Open account
Operated since 2011
Easy for newcomers
SEPA bank transfers
Coinbase Pro
Open account
Bonuses up to $5000
Copy Trading, staking, futures
Huge selection
No KYC needed
Open account
Europe's top exchange
Commodities & stocks too!
SEPA bank transfers
Bitpanda Pro
Open account
Operated since 2011
Great security options
Staking & Futures
SEPA bank transfers
Open account
Great selection
No KYC needed
KuCoin Shares pays dividends
No SEPA transfers
Open account
Leveraged trading
Stocks & commodities
Turbo & social trading
Thin crypto selection
Open account
Scandinavia's top exchange
Easy for newcomers
SEPA bank transfers
Not the best selection
Open account
Regulated by Norwegian FSA
The best mobile app!
Bitcoin Visa credit card
Narrow selection
Open account
Operated since 2014
Wide selection
SEPA bank transfers
GUI not for newbies
Open account
Easy to use
Trustly bank deposits
High fees
Can't send crypto
Open account
Designed for traders
Fees w/ fixed monthly price
No KYC needed
No SEPA transfers
Open account

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This is how the best cryptocurrency exchange is defined

The best cryptocurrency exchange has low fees, fast customer service, great security options, and a wide crypto selection. Also, a good reputation is definitely the essence of the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

We feel that it’s a good idea to divide crypto exchanges into two main groups:

  1. Services suitable for beginners
  2. Services with professional trading tools

For example, Norwegian crypto services are suitable for beginners. But if you are a professional who wants to trade futures and hundreds of altcoins, you are going to need more features. Because of this, the definition of the best cryptocurrency exchange partly depends on the target group.

Binance can be elevated as the best cryptocurrency exchange in the global market. It offers all the necessary services for industry professionals. In addition to traditional spot trading, there is also an extensive futures market available. Low fees and high liquidity are also important issues for professionals.

Wide range and low costs are usually not at the top of the priority list for beginners. For this target group, ease of use, working in their native language, and security are important. Each country usually has its own popular trading places.

Norwegian exchange is suitable for beginners

For a beginner, the best option is to use a Norwegian crypto exchange. The Norwegian service is easy to use, safe, reliable, and has your own language. There are two popular crypto exchanges in Norway: NBX and Firi.

Firi is one of Scandinavia’s biggest crypto exchanges. You can buy the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market easily and quickly from Firi. Opening an account is a quick process, and you can verify your identity with Vipps and your bank ID.

Firi is the number one choice for many first-time crypto investors. It is important for a beginner to be able to use a service in the Norwegian language. Support requests in particular are much easier to write in Norwegian than in English, while at the same time, you have to master the terminology related to cryptos.

If the Norwegian language is your number one priority, then the best cryptocurrency exchange is Norwegian! You can find more information and experiences using Firi from our beginner’s guide. Below is a picture of Firi’s homepage.

firi review

NBX is another Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange. It was launched already in 2020. NBX serves more than 16000 Norwegian customers, and it has steadily increased its popularity every year.

The strength of NBX is its ease of use. The web and mobile user interfaces of NBX are very clear and user-friendly. They are perfect for beginners. At NBX, you trade the most popular cryptocurrencies with fees lower than one percent.

For more information, check out the NBX review and read our experiences with this service.

You should also note that NBX is launching its Bitcoin credit card in 2023. It is a card with a credit of 20000 NOK and it pays cashback in bitcoins! Practically every crypto card in the market is a debit card, so NBX is launching something unique.

The best Bitcoin Exchange

The best Bitcoin exchange is Binance. The best Bitcoin exchange is a service where it is easy and fast to buy bitcoins with low costs. Binance meets these requirements well. It is also a reliable operator.

However, the Bitcoin exchange is somewhat old-fashioned by definition. Back in 2016–2017, many popular exchanges only offered the option of buying Bitcoin. Nowadays the situation has changed. All popular exchanges have a wide range of cryptos in their selection. The best Bitcoin exchange is practically the same thing as the best cryptocurrency exchange.

We single out Binance as the best Bitcoin exchange for one reason in particular. Binance offers Bitcoin trading without fees! Similar campaigns can also be found on other exchanges in 2023. Normally, the trading fees are the same regardless of the cryptocurrency.

Below is an image from the Binance exchange for BTC / USDT trading pair. This is the most liquid trading pair on the market for Bitcoin.

binance bitcoin

Bitcoin investors often want to store bitcoins in their own wallets. This is also recommended for all cryptocurrencies. It is easy to make a withdrawal from Binance to your own Bitcoin wallet immediately after purchases. If you want to get to learn more about Bitcoin wallets and find the right option for you, read our beginner’s guide to Bitcoin wallets.

Where can you buy cryptos at the cheapest price?

Cryptocurrencies can be bought at the cheapest prices on the market’s largest exchanges. Such are Binance, Bitget and KuCoin. Large exchanges can offer low costs due to the high volumes that come from tens of millions of customers. Small and local operators have to keep costs significantly higher.

There are also differences between the prices of coins between exchanges. This is because there is no global price for any cryptocurrency in the world. For example, Bitcoin has a slightly different price in every single exchange in the world.

In practice, the price differences between exchanges are so small that they are of no importance to the investor. Prices also change every second, both up and down. An open market ensures that arbitrages do not arise. This is why we can’t say that certain exchanges have lower prices than others. It is the trading fees that play a bigger part.

Big exchanges like Binance and Bitget have also different VIP levels. The more you trade, the lower the costs you get. At the basic level, the costs are in the range of 0.1–0.3 percent. They can go near zero when monthly trading volumes go to millions of dollars.

The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange – Overview

The best cryptocurrency exchange in 2023 is Binance. In our opinion, it is the best crypto exchange when you put all important features together and compare how high Binance ranks vs. its competitors. Binance has also proven itself to be the best crypto exchange when it comes to security. Its customers have never lost any funds due to hacks.

If you are a beginner investor and the Norwegian language is important to you, we recommend Firi and NBX. A Norwegian service is an excellent option if you are making your first crypto purchases. Domestic services are regulated by the Norwegian FSA and can be regarded as very safe.

In addition to Binance, Firi, and Bitget, there are also other popular trading platforms on the market. For example Coinbase, Bitpanda, and KuCoin. Each exchange offers some features that are different from the others. Some might think that the mobile app of Bitpanda is the best in the market. In the end, the best cryptocurrency exchange is always a matter of opinion.

We recommend getting to know the different services and trying out which exchange feels best. There are no registration fees or monthly fees on crypto exchanges. You can register to multiple exchanges and see which one you like the most. Click Reviews from the main menu to find out in-depth guides of the most popular exchanges.