The best cryptocurrency exchanges

What is the best cryptocurrency exchange? This is a question many cryptocurrency investors are asking. What is the most reliable exchange? What has the lowest fees? Look no further! We’ll give you a list hand-picked by industry professionals. It includes the best operators in the market.

See the table below for our exchange ranking. We have rated the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. These are services we use ourselves every day. Click the Open Account button and you’ll be forwarded to the registration form.

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Exchange Features Rating Open account
Awesome selection
Futures with leverage
Flexible staking
SEPA bank transfers
Open account
Operated since 2011
Easy for newcomers
SEPA bank transfers
Coinbase Pro
Open account
Bonuses up to $5000
Copy Trading, staking, futures
Huge selection
No KYC needed
Open account
Europe's top exchange
Commodities & stocks too!
SEPA bank transfers
Bitpanda Pro
Open account
Operated since 2011
Great security options
Staking & Futures
SEPA bank transfers
Open account
Great selection
No KYC needed
KuCoin Shares pays dividends
No SEPA transfers
Open account
Leveraged trading
Stocks & commodities
Turbo & social trading
Thin crypto selection
Open account
Scandinavia's top exchange
Easy for newcomers
SEPA bank transfers
Not the best selection
Open account
Regulated by Norwegian FSA
The best mobile app!
Bitcoin Visa credit card
Narrow selection
Open account
Operated since 2014
Wide selection
SEPA bank transfers
GUI not for newbies
Open account
Easy to use
Trustly bank deposits
High fees
Can't send crypto
Open account
Designed for traders
Fees w/ fixed monthly price
No KYC needed
No SEPA transfers
Open account

How to define the best cryptocurrency exchange?

It is not so that easy to define the best cryptocurrency exchange. The rating is a combination of multiple features, which also depend on the target group.

We can divide cryptocurrency investors into two different groups: newcomers and active investors. It’s sometimes difficult to draw a clear line between the two. Some investors might be a little bit of both. Each group has different needs and priorities when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges.

Newcomers are seeking a reliable and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange. A large portion of newcomers is only investing in Bitcoin. This means the depth of cryptocurrency selection is unimportant. Newcomers also prioritize their own language over English.

The most important features for active users are totally different. These investors want a wide selection of cryptocurrencies with low trading fees. They build a diversified portfolio consisting of dozens of altcoins.

Active investors are also trading a lot. Hence, fees play an integral role. These investors have no problems with English or with a bit complicated interface.

binance front
Binance is often rated as the best cryptocurrency exchange.

Many exchanges focus on one of these target groups. Services focused on newcomers have simple buy & sell forms, just spot trading, fewer features, and higher fees. Coinbase and Bitpanda are great examples of such exchange.

When you go to an exchange like Binance, it’s quite a bit different. The selection gets wider, fees get lower and there are more trading features and other options. It’s also possible to trade futures with leverage up to 125x.

It’s always a good idea to start from simpler exchanges. Buy some Bitcoin and get used to the whole idea of holding cryptocurrencies. Once you get more experienced and hungrier for some exotic altcoins, you can move to exchanges like Binance.

The best cryptocurrency exchange for newcomers

Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange for newcomers? These are great options for users making their first Bitcoin purchases.


Coinbase is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The company has operated since 2011 and it was recently listed on NASDAQ. Coinbase has globally over 56 million verified users. This exchange is truly a giant in the market.

Coinbase is designed for newcomers. The graphic interface is clean and intuitive. There are simple forms for buying and selling cryptocurrency. It’s also easy to deposit fiat currencies into your account. The selection of Coinbase is also excellent.

There is also Coinbase Pro, which is an exchange for active and professional traders. If you want more trading features and an exchange-like interface, it’s easy to move funds from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro and up your game!

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Many would argue, that eToro is not a cryptocurrency exchange. This is also partially true. eToro is a traditional trading platform, which added cryptocurrencies to its selections in 2017. This platform has become one of the most popular services for crypto investors too.

There are so many great features on eToro: it is easy to use and offers stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The social trading features are also extremely popular. eToro is an exchange you can trust. It has operated since 2007 and serves over 10 million customers globally.

Contrary to common belief, it’s possible to withdraw your crypto investments out of eToro to an external wallet.

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78% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.


Bitpanda is often titled the “European Coinbase”. There is a good reason for that. Bitpanda is Europe’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. It has been in the market since 2014 and serves over a million customers.

The interface of Bitpanda is as good, or possibly even better, as Coinbase. It cannot get any easier to purchase Bitcoin or other altcoins. The selection includes all the top 50 coins you might need with the most popular stablecoins.

Bitpanda has also other advantages. It is the only major exchange, which supports Neteller and Skrill deposits. It’s also possible to invest in stocks, crypto indices, and commodities!

There is also Bitpanda Pro for active and professional traders. Fees are so low Bitpanda Pro can compete even with the best exchanges in the market.

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The best cryptocurrency exchange for active investors

If you are looking for professional-grade services, these are our top picks. There are lots of quality options in the market right now. Each exchange has its own positive and negative sides. Try these services out and we are certain you’ll find a good place to trade.


Binance has become the undisputed leader in the cryptocurrency market. This exchange started in 2017 and exploded quickly in popularity. There are tens of millions of global customers. Binance has also more volume than its top competitors combined.

Binance’s success has been no surprise because they have done everything right. Binance has it all: low fees, wide selection, tons of extra features on a secure platform. The best thing is that Binance is constantly developing and adding new features.

If you are a serious player in the market, you need to have a Binance account. Improve your Binance experience further with the debit card and get yield for your portfolio from multiple staking options! You can also use Binance as a crypto-only exchange without KYC.

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kraken review

Kraken is one of the oldest and best-known cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. This American company has been in operation since 2011. The founder and CEO, Jesse Powell, is one of the true Bitcoin OG’s.

Kraken started as a Bitcoin-only exchange. These days it has a wide selection of altcoins and stablecoins. When you add low fees and professional-grade trading features, it’s no surprise Kraken has over 7 million customers globally.

This exchange is generally rated as the most secure in the market. You can set multiple security checks to make sure your funds are always safe. Kraken is a great alternative for active and professional traders. You can also use Kraken as a crypto-only exchange without KYC.

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Phemex is a new operator in the market. The company opened its doors officially in November 2019. The founder Jack Tao and the core team all come from Morgan Stanley. Phemex has its headquarters in Singapore.

Phemex is an exchange built for professional traders who like leverage trading. The contract trading exchange has high volumes and every feature you can need as a pro trader. Phemex is also a no-KYC exchange, which is great for those appreciating privacy.

There is one interesting feature Phemex has: you can trade spot with zero fees by becoming a Premium user. Just pay a monthly fee and that’s all. This is a great feature for industry professionals. It’s no surprise Phemex has become a popular exchange.

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