The Best Bitcoin Christmas gift ideas

Christmas is soon upon us. This means that everybody is looking for Christmas gift ideas. Did you know, that there are also great Bitcoin Christmas gifts? We’ll go through some of the best cryptocurrency Christmas gift ideas in this article. There is certainly something for everyone.

Bitcoin Christmas gift ideas – books

A book is one of the most traditional Christmas gift ideas. If you like books as presents, we have good news for you! There are plenty of great books you can give as a Christmas present as well.

Many would argue, that The Bitcoin Standard is the most important publication in the crypto scene. It was released in early 2018 by Saifedean Ammous. The Bitcoin Standard reached big success and it’s been praised by almost all Bitcoin OGs in the business.

The book is 50% about monetary history and 50% about Bitcoin. It’s essential for anyone, who wants to truly understand the brilliance of Bitcoin’s design. You can get a hardcover starting 22 dollars.

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Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires was the story behind Academy Award-winning film The Social Network. It tells how Harvard students s Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss hooked up with Mark Zuckerberg, only to find out that Zuckerberg secretly built Facebook and released it himself.

Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and Redemption, is a new book by Ben Mezrich featuring the same characters. It tells how Winklevoss brothers became the first Bitcoin billionaires. This book has had great reviews and it’s a must-read for all Bitcoin enthusiasts. You can get a paperback starting 12 dollars.

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best cryptocurrency christmas gifts

Denarium’s physical Bitcoin

Denarium is a brand of Finnish fin-tech company Prasos, which also runs Scandinavia’s biggest crypto platform, Coinmotion.

Denarium has built so-called physical Bitcoin coins for five years now. These are not only good-looking collectables, but the coins also include a proper Bitcoin wallet. You can save your bitcoins to this wallet like you’d save traditional coins to a piggy bank. Bitcoins can be then extracted into a mobile wallet if needed.

Denarium’s physical Bitcoins are perfect Christmas gifts for crypto enthusiasts. The selection includes gold plated coins, which only cost €19.90 euros. There are also coins made of bronze, silver and real gold.

The most popular Bitcoin Christmas gift idea is a gold plate collection coin combined with a classy coin box. The package costs 25 to 50 euros depending on the product.

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Note. The gift receiver should be aware of some important safety measures before showing the coin to everyone. We recommend giving the receiver a link to our Denarium Physical Bitcoin guide.

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Excellion – Proof of hat

Twitter handle @Excellion is well-known for all the active members of CT (Crypto Twitter). The person behind the handle is Samson Mow. He works currently as CSO of Blockstream. Mow is one of the best-known speakers in the crypto scene and a Bitcoin maximalist.

Samson Mow is known for his cool hats. Excellion – Proof of hat is a collection of caps Samson Mow is also wearing himself. They are classy choices for all Bitcoin fans. The most popular models are the Toxic Maximalist and Make Bitcoin Great Again hats.

You can also buy these hats from Denarium’s web store. Denarium is one of only two resellers of these products worldwide. Hats are just €19.90 apiece. The collection includes different models and colours.

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excellion proof of hat

Cryptocurrency Christmas gifts – Bitcoin gear

Do you want your gear to tell everyone how much you love Bitcoin? In that case, you should visit the Bitcoin Gear webshop. It has a wide selection of products and clothing. There are smaller items like keyrings, coffee mugs and clocks. You’ll also find t-shirts, hoodies and other clothes.

The most popular t-shirts are Genesis Block and Short The Bankers. For those who love hoodies, we recommend BTC Badge and Don’t Trust – Verify.

The black Toxic Bitcoin Maximalist mug is a great pick for all you BTC maximalists. If you like altcoins, try this colour-changing mug, which is decorated with altcoin logos.

The products mentioned above go to 20-40 euro price range. Use the campaign code HOLIDAYSPIRIT and you’ll get a 10% discount!

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bitcoin gear

Ledger Nano X

Ledger is a French manufacturer of hardware wallets. The company has built the best wallets in the business for over five years. Nano X is the flagship model, which was published in early 2019. It can be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth.

Nano X is a so-called “cold wallet”. It looks like a USB stick and it stores your private keys safely offline. Nano X is virtually impossible to hack. It’s also protected with a PIN code, which keeps your wallets safe even if Nano X is stolen. You can recover all your cryptocurrency to a new device with backup codes if needed.

Ledger Nano X is a perfect gift for any crypto investor. It is used by small fish and whales alike. Nano X costs 119 euros.

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Note. We don’t recommend buying such a wallet from a reseller, Amazon, eBay etc. Buy it only from the manufacturer’s official website. This way you can guarantee your product is 100% safe. Check also our Ledger Nano X Beginner’s guide.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is the older version of the previously mentioned Nano X. It was published already in 2016. Nano S is the most popular hardware wallet in the world – over a million investors are using Ledger products now.

Nano S looks like a USB stick, just like Nano X. The difference comes from capacity, which means that there isn’t as much space for cryptocurrency wallets in Nano S. The device is managed with a desktop application and connected to your laptop with a USB cable.

Ledger Nano S is a fine wallet and a perfectly good choice, even if Nano X is released. Nano S is much cheaper, which makes it better-suited for small investors. The price is 59 euros.

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Note. We don’t recommend buying such a wallet from a reseller, Amazon, eBay etc. Buy it only from the manufacturer’s official website. This way you can guarantee your product is 100% safe.

Trezor Model T

Ledger is not the only hardware wallet manufacturer. There is also SatoshiLabs, which is a company from the Czech Republic. They have built hardware wallets since 2014 under the brand Trezor. This is a very popular product, especially in the U.S.

Trezor have also an older and cheaper model and a new flagship model. The older model is Trezor Model One, which is still very much useful and a safe choice. It simply has weaker usability and lower capacity than the pricier model. The flagship product is Trezor Model T, which has a colour touch display.

Trezor Model One and Model T are great picks for any cryptocurrency investor. Model One costs only 48 euros, while the Model T is priced at 149 euros.

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Note. We don’t recommend buying such a wallet from a reseller, Amazon, eBay etc. Buy it only from the manufacturer’s official website. This way you can guarantee your product is 100% safe. Check also our Trezor Model T Beginner’s guide.

trezor model t setup guide

Cryptosteel – the ultimate protection

Cryptosteel is a product related to Ledger & Trezor hardware wallets. It gives you protection against any imaginable or unimaginable event.

Each Ledger and Trezor wallet have backup codes. These are used to restore your wallets to a new device, if your older device was lost or stolen. These codes are often written on paper and stored in some shoe box.

Cryptosteel is made of 100% stainless steel. It can be buried or thrown into the water and it also survives the heat of 1200 degrees Celsius. This product is the ultimate protection for your Ledger & Trezor backup codes. You literally don’t even have to worry about your house burning down.

The product costs 99 euros. It is a cool gift for any crypto investor combined with a Trezor or Ledger wallet.

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